About Us

About AntiPaladin Games: APG is my tiny piece of the tabletop roleplaying game industry. I'm not out to go full time, and I like to keep things as stress-free as possible since it's all just for fun. I don't have release dates. If I've implied anywhere that a specific project will be done by a specific date, I'm sorry. I probably got excited. I don't have release dates.

AntiPaladin Games is best known for Mini Six, an OpenD6 variant roleplaying game, but I love too many games to limit ourselves to just that one.

About Hexes and Henchmen: From time to time I may announce what we're up to elsewhere (such as under the APG banner), and I also may use this blog as a place to display works in progress, half-finished, half-baked, unfinishable, moronic, miscellaneous, or very occasionally even useful or fun gaming ideas. The original materials and essays presented here are not intended to indicate that I'll ever get around to publishing them under the APG imprint, but I never say never.