Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What I've been doing:

  • Toying with a revamp of Precinct '77 for Mini Six. That was not a product announcement. I have some ideas, but not enough right now to make a sales pitch.
  • Watching Star Trek and it's sequels like crazy. I finished Enterprise, which is my new favorite incarnation of Trek, and I'm nearly through Voyager. When Voyager was on TV I hated it with a passion but I'm coming around to it now.
  • Thinking about how to make epic space RPGs work at the table, a problem which has been adequately solved by Stars Without Number already, but I can't help myself.
  • Playing Warbirds, or running it at least. I'm a fan of this game which has the best air to air combat rules I've ever played. Fast and loose, but tactically satisfying.
  • Painting miniatures. I haven't even used a miniature at the table in twenty years or so, let alone paint one. I ordered the Reaper Bones kickstarter last year and I got the Stonehaven gnomes (I frakking love gnomes - but not tinker gnomes) and a bunch of of aircraft minis...
  • The aircraft minis are 3mm (1:600) WWII fighters that I'm painting up to replace the cardboard counters that Warbirds uses. Did I say they're small? The wingspan is about equal to an American cent.
  • Speaking of stuff I'm making for Warbirds, I built a wooden "combat tracker" board. I didn't make it long enough to track all the way up to 20 like the official one does, I stopped at 16, and I also left 1 off of the board. I'll post pictures of the board and minis later this week or this weekend.

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