Friday, July 5, 2013

Campaign Report: Shadowcast Company: Episode 3

The Fourth Voyage of the Shadowcaster (part one)

After returning to port in Tam, the company decided to take a little time off in port. Most of the party remained in the city to spend a substantial portion of their loot.

Pyre dismissed a henchman amicably, though upon learning this, Corwyn the Necromancer attempted to hire the dwarf as his own henchman, but was refused. This was most likely due to Corwyn's rather nasty reputation. Nevertheless, Corwyn hired some thieves to make certain that the former comrade did not take any copies of navigational data or notes regarding Collosi Island with him to a new company. A substantial amount of data was recovered by the burglers and Corwyn burned it.

Afterwards, Corwyn traveled to the Order of Thule's stronghold, to consult the library and perform some research, which went well.

When the Shadowcaster set sail again, things went against the party.

We had trouble navigating back to the isle, and wandered substantially off course before noticing our predicament. Upon correcting our heading, we encountered a powerful storm which threatened to sing the Shadowcaster, and eventually found ourselves drawn into a conflict between two seagoing giants who had natural power over storms and currents.

We became partisans in the battle when the first giant attacked our vessel. Eamon the bard was gravely injured and we feared that we would need to turn back to port, but the victorious giant, who we had inadvertently sided with took pity on us and had us follow to his refuge.

We were led to a great tower set upon a singular rocky outcrop rising from the deep. There, elf servants of the giant took our comrade into the outpost and gave us fresh supplies and tools. We rested on our ship for a few days, and were invited in once to look around. There we were told that there were kingdoms and castles floating in the skies and that this keep served as a tether between the worlds below and above. On top of the tower were old runes in a circle, only a handful of which any in our party could read, but they seemed to names of old places. We surmised that this circle was a fixed hub in a network of gates, but we didn't see them used, so that is conjecture.

Our companion was returned to us in fine shape, and we resumed our course to Collosi Island.

We did not return to the Boar's lair on the southern tip of Wyvern Isle, but instead made our way to a suspiciously vacant island surrounded by other small islands, all of which are inhabited. We expected to find a temple or old ruin, and we did.

It was in the form of a solid stone dome (the rock was not native to the island we were on), that required a good bit of searching to open. At last we found a trick mechanism that caused a set of stairs to rise from the ground and opened a portal in the dome.

Inside, we were beset by some form of undead similar to wights. We found signs of human sacrifice over the years and believe the place to be cursed by evil.

To be continued...

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