Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Daughter the DM, part 2

My daughter has spent the last few days reading over the rulebook I gave her and the module, but she was unhappy with adventure. Her complaint was that it was just a little bit too big. So we took what we learned from it and applied it to making her own adventure.

Tonight she is writing her own adventure, "The Cult of Nyarlahotep," which is a fairly straightforward dungeon crawl. The first level of the dungeon will have about 10 to 15 rooms, and about 8 encounters. Three pieces of a key will be hidden that will open up the passage to the second level, which she will design later, but she intends for it to be bigger.

I let her walk me through character creation, as a I roleplayed players who don't know anything about D&D. The stickiest point for her was on thief abilities. She thought that it was unfair how ridiculously unlikely thieves are to succeed at their chosen abilities. I have to say that I agree, but maybe there's something I don't understand.

She was also quick to come up with another house rule, allowing the player to reroll one attribute of their choosing - but not necessarily the lowest one. For example, if the player knows they want to play a fighter, maybe they want to reroll that 8 dexterity, or maybe instead they want to reroll that 11 strength.

It did tickle me that she's memorized the attributes in the old school order and when I tried to write them down in another order she corrected me and told me no, because everyone has to roll them in the same order.

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