Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Campaign Report: Shadowcast Company: Episode 2

The Third Voyage of the Shadowcaster

The Shadowcaster sailed from the port of Tam back to what we're now calling Wyvern Isle, west of the main island. The company knew that somewhere on it's southern tip they would find a wereboar.

We certainly didn't expect to find such an organized outpost. Carved into a hillside was the stone visage of a dwarven face, with a doorway inset inside the mouth. Three balconies were also visible above the face and the scouting effort by Sparrow revealed another entrance on the other side of the hill.

Nevertheless, we sneaked through the main doorway. Security was somewhat lax, though I suspect that will not be the case when we return for future exploration later. Once we were inside we were quickly able to confirm that this was no dusty ruin, but a fully functional stronghold.

We made our way through a few rooms on the main floor before deciding to try a stairway hoping to reach a less trafficked area. We came upon a series of chambers that were each inhabited, but using stealth we managed to deploy our force in such a way to grant us a tactical advantage.

We encountered the wereboar and a lieutenant of his. Pyre the dwarf's run of bad luck seemed to finally draw to a close, and we were lucky to survive the battle without any major loss of resources. Of course, we had specifically prepared for this challenge, by purchasing silver weapons and wolfsbane while we were in Tam for those among us who were without magic, which includes most of our company.

We began to loot the chambers when we were discovered by another wereboar, and this second one was a sorcerer to boot. Damn our luck! Amalia the Sea Witch fell quickly and the rest of us were hurting badly from a well placed lightning bolt spell.

Sparrow mounted a rescue of our fallen comrade while Eaman the Bard arranged a line of defense. We fought a retreat out of the stronghold using the cover provided by Corwyn's now barely trained dragon, Relvoth. We returned to our ship and considered Amalia's wounds which would require a great deal of time to heal. Reluctantly, we set sail for Tam once again, as we have decided not to test our reputation in Deemos without greater strength among our company.

Once in Tam, the company agreed to take a break for more than a simple resupply, as Corwyn the Necromancer wants to travel back to his master and it seems that most of the rest of the party would like to spend a bit of time on dry land as well.

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