Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The World of Arden: An ACKS Campaign

I recently started a new campaign using the Adventurer, Conqueror, King System (ACKS for short). It is a retro-clone of sorts based off the B/X D&D game of long ago. It is something of a sandbox styled setting using elements suggested by my players to help come up with a shared world. I will be posting up various elements of it expanding on the world as my players continue to explore the setting. These are the characters my players chose to start with.

The Characters

Sparrow, the Assassin. An aspirant to an order of spies and killers who revere the Goddess Ashra, chief mother of the Imperial Gods. She is incredible strong and quick, but her sharp tongue and harsh temperament drives most away. Sparrow learned her craft acquiring bodies for a master necromancer.

Corwynn, the Necromancer. Apprentice to the master Sparrow worked for. He grew up in a small town ruled by a necromantic order and sees the world through a lens that defines success by power acquired. Already a skilled caster in his own right, Corwynn is always looking for remnants of ancient Nehar and the dark secrets they mastered in the First Age.

Malia, the Sea Witch. A young girl barely fourteen. She was driven out of her village after she survived drowning. The fishing boat she was on sank taking all souls save hers. The Elder of the Deep spared her. Transforming the young girl into a servant of his power. She wandered aimlessly until she met the bard Eomen. He found her divine gifts useful on the dangerous roads of the Northlands.

Eomen, the Bard. A wandering scholar and minstrel, he learned his craft well and aspires to one day attend the the Five Towers in Teladra and be admitted into their prestigious brotherhood. To gain admittance without sponsorship of a lord he has taken to seeking out lost treasures from the First and Second ages. Once he has something truly wondrous and unmasks his story, he knows admittance is guaranteed. 

 Pyr, the Dwarven Invader. A friend of Eomen from his first days on the road. Pyr cut his teeth on battle. Sadly the vault he called home gained supremacy over orcish tribes and rival clans causing an extended period of peace. Unaccustomed to a lack of violence Pyr set out to become a mercenary or adventurer, whichever might put more coin in his pocket. 

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