Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stoekarst - The Shield of Nezant

This large steel shield was crafted for a Drakhai knight named Thomin. Its face bears the sigil of Nezant, the coastal god of Battles, Storms, and Fury. According to legend Thomin was once forced by magic to flee in fear from battle. So enraged at the perceived loss of honor forced on him by villainous sorcery, he commissioned this shield to be made by the church of his patron god, Nezant.

The Shield of Nezant, also known as Thomin's Courage or Stoekarst, is a +1 steel shield with a powerful protective enchantment on it. In addition to the basic enchantment of defense, when held its wielder also receives a +1 bonus on all saves vs. spell and spell-like effects, and if the wielder is within the area of affect of blast attacks, such as fireballs, lightning bolts, and dragon's breath, Stoekarst's wielder takes only half damage on a failed save and quarter damage if the save is successful.

The shield does have a drawback though, its wielder may never be the first to retreat from battle if fighting with anyone else. As long as the wielder enters a battle with at least one other ally, one of his allies must withdraw before he is able to. Even if the wielder is targeted by a fear effect or command word, the spell has no effect unless one of Stoekarst's wielder's allies has already retreated from the combat.

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