Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sedra's Fang - Magical Dagger

In the First Age the Serpent God Amun-Ka set out nest after nest of serpents whose only purpose was to poison those who lived in the holy sanctuaries of the Imperial Gods. Mithris and Ashra's young daughter Sedra was revolted by the dark god's attempt to corrupt places of serenity dedicated to peace. The Healing Goddess set about making her first weapon, a dagger. The legend goes on to say that she meant for the dagger was chosen so the serpents could be beheaded while the healing magic of the blade neutralized the poison. Sadly, her natural love and trust in her family meant she was blind to her brother Kydan's true nature when she turned to him for help in making the weapon.

When the pair finished, they had made a powerful relic. A +3 dagger with the ability to neutralize poison. Kydan's trickery though twisted the dagger's nature. It can only neutralize poison three times per day and the person being healed must be stabbed with the dagger taking 1d4+3 points of damage in the process. Each time it is used to neutralize poison the magical bonus is reduced by 1. So, if used once it is reduced to +2, a second use reduces it to +1, and a third use renders it non-magical until the next sunrise.

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