Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Red Rings of the Sanguine Order

Crafted by the necromancers of the Sanguine Order, there are less than a score of these rings in existence. The Red Rings come in three magnitudes of strength. The first is the Apprentice Ring, it bestows a +1 armor class bonus and grants its wearer the ability to cast up to twice their number of first level spells per day. The second is the Journeyman Ring, these bestow a +2 armor class bonus and double the number of both first and second level spells that may be cast in a day. The third and most potent rings were the Master Rings. These bestow a +3 bonus to both armor class and saving throws, and also allows its wearer to double the number of first, second, and third level spells they may cast in a day.

The bonus spells granted by the Red Rings come with a price. The wearer takes 1 hit point of damage per level of bonus spell cast through the ring’s magic. So if someone were wearing a Journeyman Ring and cast 2 additional first level and 2 additional second level spells, the magus would take 6 hit points of damage. 1 for each of the first level spells, and 2 for each of the second level spells. Any damage taken from the ring cannot be healed by any magic until the following sunrise and are subtracted from the mage’s true hit points rather than any bonus hit points the caster may have as a result of a magic spell or effect. Should anyone other than a mage put on the ring, they suffer 2d6 points of damage and the ring falls off.

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  1. I did have one suggestion on these I rather liked I thought I would add on here as an option for any interested.

    Instead of doubling the number of spells that can be cast in a day and inflicting HP damage for the extra spells cast simply allow one extra spell to be cast per level based on the strength of the ring. It should work nicely for those who want to minimize book keeping while keeping the rings looking really nice to mages.