Monday, May 13, 2013


I'm Danny Nolan. My friends call me Ray. Elsewhere around the internet I'm known as one half of AntiPaladin Games, a cottage-industry game publisher or vanity press. Our only claim to minor league gamer fame is Mini Six, a pared-down version of the OpenD6 rules.

This blog isn't specifically about APG stuff, though it might creep in from time to time. If you're one of our dozens of fans, you might wonder when we're going to move forward with a new print edition of Mini Six. The short answer for this blog is when it's ready. Mini Six updates will always be announced over at the AntiPaladin Games website first, and possibly not at all over here.

My experience with gaming is a common story. I started playing D&D with the red box set back in the 80s. I  played every major edition of that game except for the old white box (1974) version and the 4th edition. Along the way I spent time with the usual suspects of Gurps, Champions second and third editions, Vampire, TSR Marvel (Faserip), a bit of Top Secret and James Bond, each incarnation of the D6 Star Wars games, a little Rifts, lots of Shadowrun second and third editions, and a smattering of the post-FASA Star Trek games.

Like many of the gamers I know, I've read more RPGs than I'll ever get around to playing. I've run 2nd edition and 3rd edition D&D campaigns for my friends, and most recently I ran a few games of Stars Without Number, but I've spent most of my time as a player. I tend to be a fairly involved player though. I have the urge to offer ideas and house rules or even to create for games that I have no intention of ever running for real.*

My first love and the one I always return to is Dungeons and Dragons and the games that it spawned through the OSR, though I wouldn't describe myself as an edition zealot of any stripe. 3rd edition seemed to be too much work in our groups on the prep side, and 4th edition just appeared to be way too much of what doesn't appeal to me... I haven't played at a table that used miniatures or a battlemap in twenty years, and so much of what I saw seemed to only make sense in that context. 3rd edition had a bit of that but it was fairly simple to handwave that away, but 4th edition looked to me and my friends that it would break outside of the context of knowing strict ranges, attack zones, detailed timekeeping and lots of small details.

So we "retroverted" our campaign to classic D&D (rules cyclopedia) rules. That didn't quite do the job perfectly, so we started houseruling... Around that time the OSR started to creep into our games. We didn't change the kind of stories we told in our games, we just changed the rules.

The games we play rarely seemed to have much in common with the the "raid the dungeon, take the gold, and you'll go through a dozen characters before the end of the adventure" mold, so our stories don't reflect that particular OSR value, but we converted to Labyrinth Lord and recently we've switched over to the Adventurer Conqueror King System with some house rules. That brings us up to today.

*Our other go to game is Mini Six, which we've been playing in some form or another for a decade now. Cowboys, vampires, Battlestar Galactica, a heavily modified version set in the Car Wars universe, gritty super heroes, etc.

In the real world I'm a tech lab rat, and pretty shy. I lurk at a few forums under the screen name Rosencrantz, but I'll never be much of a poster. I attend Gen Con every year, and it would be easiest to describe me as an indoorsy kid all grown up.

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  1. I just ran across your blog today. I will definitely by checking back on this - good stuff so far!

    Charlie @ The Semi-Retired Gamer