Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Healing Draughts

Piggybacking on my healing spell house rules I now present a potion shamelessly lifted from the Guardians of the Flame book series written by Joel Rosenberg. I loved the idea when I first read it and have been using these in place of normal healing potions for the past several years.

The most commonly found healing magic in the lands of Arden is the Healing Draught. These waterskins contain enough magical elixir to heal up to 5d4+15 points of damage. This may be used all at once or doled out in increments of 1d4+3. It may be drunk or poured over a wound, but the target receiving the healing magic may not be engaged in combat or any activity involving movement lest the potion miss the target and be wasted.

The waterskins used to store these potions often have the sigil of the priesthood who created it, but these cannot be trusted as dark orders, sinister villains, and psychotic alchemists mix deadly poisons and place them in falsely marked waterskins hoping to trick thieves and invaders into drinking the lethal elixir. 

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