Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Aglundir - Magical Broadsword

One suggestion made in ACKS an something I have always been fond of is personalizing magic items. Coming up with unusual or unique items, or at the very least items with an interesting background rather than simply saying its another sword +1 or sword +2. So with that in mind I will be sharing some of the non-standard items I've come up with for our ACKS game.

The legendary +2 Broadsword forged for Groniger Firebrand, scourge of the Northern Kingdom. A beautiful sword whose blade is etched in the stylistic runes of the Vahnir, with a hilt made of  a bone fragment taken from a frost dragon, and a pommel stone made from a carefully polished obsidian sphere. Twice per day when the wielder attempts to strike an enemy he may invoke the additional magic of Aglundir, the ability to heal its wielder by the same amount Aglundir wounds its victim. For example, if the wielder deals 9 points of damage and the victim can only take 7 points before being reduced to zero, then Aglundir’s wielder would heal only 7 points of damage. Should its wielder attempt to use the sword’s magic but fail to hit, the attempt does not count towards the two times per day it can heal.

In addition to the ability to heal, Aglundir will glow on command casting a blue-white light out to a radius of 5' to 15' depending on the desire of its wielder.


  1. I like this idea! I have also grown tired of the +1, etc. Every magic item should be unique.

  2. Thanks for the response mate. I am in agreement that magic items should be as unique as possible. The Blog Ten Foot Pole mentioned once that he knew he was doing something right when players passed up technically superior magic items because they liked the backstory and unique flavor of their current weapons better.

  3. You're welcome. Nice! That definitely means you are doing something right.